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 Ship Surveyors

Does the ship perform? Must the engine be repaired, or replaced? Can we continue navigation safely, or must we stop?

These are only a few of the many questions that arise in daily shipping operations. Many of these problems can be solved by the master and his crew, others are delegated to the technical manager, and others are outsourced to external consultants or service engineers.

Maritime consultants possess the expertise to provide the best possible advice and solutions to problems of technical nature or other. There is ever-increasing demand for services provided by external consultants, in a world of shipping that becomes more complex every day.

The expertise of maritime consultants extends beyond the technical knowledge of the ship. International travel, legal matters and an environment at sea which may call for urgent action may be more easily overcome with the help of language-proficient consultants who possess knowledge of the area in which you are located at any time.

WESKROG is able to offer a comprehensive range of marine surveying and consultancy services through our team of consultant surveyors (naval architects, marine engineers and master mariners) assisted by our in-house technical support team and our worldwide partners.

Failing to clearly answer questions like the ones above, without understanding the situation of the people on board, is like navigating in fog. With us, you have clear sight ahead!

We aim at providing a wide range of services serving clients with different needs. Feel free to contact us using the below form or e-mail us as indicated. The inquiry is without obligation and we will process your request as quickly as possible.
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