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Port & Anchorage Repair

Today the shipping business is facing a crisis, the most difficult crisis of the last thirty years. A small number of freights, a lot of ships in the market and charter rates very low that do not even cover the daily running costs.

Dealing with the technical contingencies of the ship sometimes becomes very economically complicated specially when the crew does not have the chance to solve the problem.

The H&M insurance can only be used for bigger damages whereas for the smaller ones the shipowner often faces the costs alone: the issue becomes then how to minimize the costs and how to reduce the execution time of the repair.

The answer to the question of efficient Port and Anchorage repairs depends on the combination of three elements: knowledge of the local facilities, a high level of quality and professional expertise and a high contractual leverage on the local structures.   
Do you think any company can make you feel safe when a casualty strikes out at sea?
WESKROG can do this!

We aim at providing a wide range of services serving clients with different needs. Feel free to contact us using the below form or e-mail us as indicated. The inquiry is without obligation and we will process your request as quickly as possible.
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