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Pneumatic & Hydraulic

According to Pascal’s principle, the original pressure (P1) exerted on the small piston (A1) will produce an equal pressure (P2) on the large piston (A2). However, because A2 has 10 times the area of A1, it will produce a force (F2) that is 10 times greater than the original force (F1). Through Pascal’s principle, a relatively small force exerted on a hydraulic press can be magnified to the point where it will lift a ship.
This is a principle of physics.
In practice, however, the input pressure may not be ideally transferred to the output surface to exert the desired force. There can be several reasons for this, among which fluid levels, viscosity, air and contamination in the system and others. With such high magnitudes of force, there is considerable risk of severe damage; as such, compliance with the strictest standards is paramount to ensure the safety of materials and people.
With our dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience, we are capable of providing the following hydraulic services:
  • Power packs: Project design, building, commissioning, repair and maintenance.
  • Overhauling and repair of hydraulic devices for various installations e.g. winches, cranes, cargo pumps, lifts, valves and rolling stabilizers
  • Hatch cover cylinder construction, overhauling and repair
  • System flushing

Do you believe anyone can ensure a proper application of Pascal’s theory?
We apply Pascal’s theory 100%.
We aim at providing a wide range of services serving clients with different needs. Feel free to contact us using the below form or e-mail us as indicated. The inquiry is without obligation and we will process your request as quickly as possible.
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