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         Supply, maintenance and inspection of fire fighting and safety systems
Supply and check of portable or wheeled extinguishers, fire-fighting material, accident-prevention products and equipment, various signs, detection systems and alarms, supply of extinguisher/hydrant boxes, access control systems and escape routes.
Check and maintenance of fire doors; check of smoke/gas detection systems; check of hydrant water network and hoses.
         Supply, maintenance and certification of pleasure craft equipments
  • Distribution of life rafts and safety equipment
  • Distribution of tenders and sportswear
  • Distribution of use and consumable stores
  • Life rafts collection centre and rafts authorized service station
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers, fixed installations, davits for mega yachts, breathing apparatus, EEBD and more
  • Repair centre for tenders, inflatable boats and inflatable structures in general
         FFE – Inspection, maintenance and certification of shipboard fixed installations
Co2 fire extinguishing systems (low and high pressure), fixed foam/powder fire protection systems, watermist fire protection systems, detection systems and alarms.
         FFE – Supply, inspection and certification of fire fighting equipment
Supply, inspection and certification of portable or wheeled extinguishers, EEBD, breathing apparatus, high pressure air cylinders, 200/300-bar breathing apparatus air cylinders.
         LSA – Supply, inspection and certification of rescue equipment and systems
Supply and inspection of inflatable life rafts, davits, free fall and rescue/life boats, ON-LOAD OFF-LOAD hooks, inflatable life jackets, immersion suits, pilot ladders and fireman outfits.
         Supply of IMO safety signs
We provides all the explanatory signs in relation to fire fighting and safety procedures within companies, offices, public spaces and ships IMO safety signs
         Miscellaneous supplies - Provisions, bonded stores and technical material supplies
Many of our staff come from onboard experience, for this reason we try to make  the crew life more happy selecting our products accurately.
we stocks a wide range of beers, spirits, cigarettes and confectionary, as well as perfumes, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items.
Our competitors offer the same products but in most of the time we have better prices.
Extensive range of products,Transparent and quality service, Competitive pricing, worldwide delivery is our mission.Thrust Us
         Training with OMEGA
The decade-long collaboration with Survitec Group, a world leader in the supply and maintenance of survival equipment, is central to our work. We are the official suppliers and checkers of their brands RFD, DSB and EUROVINIL.
Thanks to our staff we can organise the following courses:
  • Low, medium, high risk fire-fighting course;
  • Positioning harness use course;
  • Fall arrest harness use course;
  • Forklift truck driver course.
We aim at providing a wide range of services serving clients with different needs. Feel free to contact us using the below form or e-mail us as indicated. The inquiry is without obligation and we will process your request as quickly as possible.
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