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Mechanical & Steel Repair

Competence, integrity and organization of human resources are our constant primary responsibility to make our mission a success and exceed our clients’ expectations. We meet the needs of the customer through the qualification of all our employee, partners and presence in a large number of ports worldwide, so that not only the ship owner, but also the crew, can benefit from our services.

Whether you need a simple repair or something more complicated, we are here to help as follow:
-Mechanical Services
  • Main Engines and Aux Engines (Wartsila, ManB&W, Caterpillar etc.)
  • Boilers
  • Turbochargers
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics Valves including actuators
  • Speed Regulators
  • Cranes and Winches
  • Gears, Propeller and Shaft, Thrusters
  • Steering Gears and Rudders
-Vessel pipe work services and fabrication
  • Project engineering and planning
  • Fabrication from various dimensions included cargo pipes for large oil tankers
  • Maintenance and repair of all piping systems (Steam, Hydraulics, Water, Air)
-Marine welding services
-Steel services for ships
  • Repair and construction of steel structures
  • Plate work fabrication of ships, hulls, double bottoms and ballast
  • Miscellaneous structural and plate work

The safety, efficiency, quality and competitiveness of our services are for us the key to achieving our mission.

We aim at providing a wide range of services serving clients with different needs. Feel free to contact us using the below form or e-mail us as indicated. The inquiry is without obligation and we will process your request as quickly as possible.
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