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Exhaust Scrubber

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) through Annex VI of Marpol Convention sets 0.1% sulphur oxides (SOx) limits by 2015 in the Emission Control Area (ECA) and globally 0.5% by 2020.

These restrictions will bring technical challenges for shipowners. In order to comply with the said limits and achieve the best possible economic and technological results it is very important to make a well-founded decision for existing ships in the conceptual design phase.
According to ship characteristics, the design of a scrubber system will be determined by its operating profile.

It does not matter which solution will be chosen. WESKROG offers a tailor-made solution with class approval for your ship and installs in partner shipyard the entire project.

All the ships will be scanned with laser system to avoid measurement failures and minimise the retrofit time.

We perform onboard survey and 3D laser scanning to avoid losing time and measurement discrepancies.
Data generated by a 3D laser scan is used to model the chosen or shortlisted systems into the existing space.
Norwegians were the first Europeans to be concerned about the protection of the environment.
Weskrog is Norwegian; are you with us?
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