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WESKROG Ship Agency has accumulated the know-how necessary to carry out a complete range of services tailored to the needs of your ship.

Our main objective is to be available to meet your requests with high and uniform standards of quality, cost and safety, no matter where your ship is located.

We are not only a global network with consistent and high operational standards – we are also concerned with possessing the knowledge of the local environment in which you operate your ship.

From us you can expect swift and reliable treatment from pre-arrival to post-departure. We make all arrangements necessary to ensure the efficiency of your operations in the port.

Our Services
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Full Agency
Protective Agency
Through our  Full  Agency service, we perform a variety of services from well before a vessel  arrives in port to after departure.

Select  our  Husbandry  service  if you have your own  arrangements with the port and unloading operations, but still want  to  ensure that the vessel, cargo and crew  are  fully  provided for upon arrival in port.
You may have your own arrangements in place with the port, but you still need assistance on the ground. Protective Agency provides the answer.

Bunker Service
Quay Solutions
Dry Docking
Through our local partners we have established a strong commercial agreement with bunker suppliers in order to maximize the bunkering operations.

Through our network we are able to find very quickly a free pier for any ship needs not covered in commercial operations.

Frequently managing operations during the vessel in dry-dock becomes more difficult, for this reason preventive and better planning is necessary.

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